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Single Only Hand Hammered Hand Wrought Antique Wall Sconces

Item Code: WAL20130622002
Price: $850.00
Year : 1885-1910
Single only.
Typical of the craftsman made electrical lighting fixtures from the 1890s through the early teens. These antique wall sconces look to be made of copper plated cast iron, although most of the copper is difficult to see or not there, having been weathered away. We were told these were porch lights; the large ring atop the shade holder does swivel and could impact the back plate, possibly breaking the glass, in a wind. (We do have replacement vintage custard globes that match).
The hand work is seen on the bending of the arm and especially on the 4 straps surrounding the shade. Each strap is different, having been all hand hammered, including the Arts & Crafts bump out at the bottom of each strap. The straps are attached to the shade holder by hand hammered rivets.
No welds are seen on the fixtures.
Vintage custard "bullet" globes are attached by 4 screws.
Height: 15 1/2 inches
Width: 6 1/2 inches
Projection: 10 3/4 inches
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