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Search our extensive inventory to find your antique or vintage lighting fixtures by style (Arts & Crafts, Spanish Revival, Bungalow, etc.) or by year using the links below.


Q» Wow, I have never seen the collection you have anywhere! Where do you find all these wonderful fixtures? Garage Sales? Estate Sales? Do you remove them from the building yourself?
A»Thanks for your kind words. It is encourging to hear other share the same passion as us. Although we have removed items from buildings from time to time, the majority of items come from contacts which have already removed the items. Over the years during our travel we have established numerous connections to individuals who are working to preserve a small part of our unique heratige and other who just see an opportunity. Either way, we establish a working relationship with them which allows us to have an ever changing supply of items.

Q» What is your return policy?
A»Items may be returned for full purchase price as long as the item is returned within ten days and returned in the same condition it was sent. Refunds on special orders or modifications to original item(s) must be approved in advance of shipping.