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11/30/18 via email:  Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you very much. It really made our day yesterday when that slip shade showed up. Exact match! Beautiful piece of glass. Greatly appreciate the careful packaging! My wife and I send you a hug.

12/28/16 via email from Qatar:
 " Hi, Patrick, Just wanted to let you know that the lights were delivered to my doorstep today. They are in perfect shape and look fabulous. I think they will be really great in the intended space. Will try to send you a pic when they are up. Thanks for your help with everything, Debbie "

7/30/2011 via email:
Hello Patrick.
Just wanted to write to you to thank you for taking great care with the packing of the hall lights. They arrived a couple of weeks ago, so apologies for the delay in my reply.
I will keep an eye out for anything of interest on your store, and will be happy to come back again.
Regards, John G
Melbourne, Australia

3/30/2011 via email
Thank You!  I appreciate your customer service.   I can see why Rejuvenation, here in Portland Or recommended your company.  

4/26/12 via email
Just wanted to let you know I received the glass slip shade today and it arrived in one piece and is exactly the one we needed.  Thank you for your prompt attention and your unbelievable packaging.  I look forward to additional dealings in the future.  If you ever need a reference in Canada, please feel free to give my name and e-mail address.
Gary, Canada

10/24/13 via email:
Hi Patrick,
The light arrived today. It is the sweetest thing I've ever seen!! Thank you very much.
Diane F, MA
(Storybook style bedside lamp from Lincoln #TAB20100407001 - staff)

12/7/13 via email
We finally got our light installed.  It is perfect for our early 1900's home.  Thanks!!
Karen B Santa Cruz, CA

8/2/2013 via email:
Yay!  The lights arrived yesterday.  They look great.  
You packed them up so well they could have fallen from a cliff and survived!
The chain color is perfect as well .  Thank you for all your help.
Teresa R

Hi Patrick,
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou !
Just sent you a payment.
Thanks for your help in saving my family heirloom !
Just goes to show when two Irishmen tackle a problem the solution is always easy !
D. O’Grady

1/22/13 Via Email: I meant to tell you last week that the shades arrived intact. Thank you for the excellent service. I hope to do business with you again soon.  Kelly S.  (2 additional orders from this customer since this email - staff)

 Via email: My BEAUTIFUL old sconces arrived today in 'as sent'
condition!  My chandelier is happy to have it's matching new
friends.  lol!  Now I just need to sweet talk one of my guy
friends into installing them for me.  Thanks for a great
transaction!   Karen

7/1/13 Via email:
Hi Patrick,
I just found this email in my spam. We LOVE the Saturn lamps and you did a great job with the finish! We appreciate your time and care in making the finish look more like brushed nickel. 
Thank you! Lisa S CA

5/20/13 via email: 
Hi!  Received on friday - checked one of the ceiling lights and the porch light - love!  leaving the others safely packed until install which is about 10 days away.
Cant wait to see installed - will send you a photo!  
Also, LOVE the finish on the fitter and ring - perfect! (Pole mount fitter on schoolhouse. bronze / brown to match cabinets - Editor)
thanks! Becky CA

5/18/13 via email:
Dear Patrick,
Thank you so much! That's the type of service that you don't get in today's day in age. I really appreciate it!!!
Sincerely, Renee

4/15/13 via email: Hello again, the electrician has left just a short time ago. he was very glad to see the quality of the fixtures. I am too! all six parrots are up and the entire house, (1 large and 1 small room) looks so much better. the previous and very ordinary fixture are gone to a new home. thanks! i will be watchug for the right fixture/s for my office. carolyn TX

3/18/13 via email:
The lights just arrived. They are Excellent! I will be ordering more soon. Thank you, Jimmy  Key West, FL  (He did! - staff)

2/26/13 via email:
Thanks so much for your attention and fast service.
My chandelier will be 'whole' again - fantastic!
Sincerely, Joel

2/23/13 via email:
The fixtures look great! We are very pleased. Thanks
so much for your patience with all of my questions. 
I am interested in the above item...
Best, Mike

5/25/12 via email:
It came out beautiful!  Thank you.
Kim L

2/24/12 via email:
Thanks so much for all of your work with us to get the right lighting in our client's home.  We appreciate your time and expertise.  
Barbara Pierce & CJ Hurley
CJ Hurley Century Arts
Northwest Designer Craftsmen
Roycroft Renaissance Master Artisan

2/13 via iphone:
... Also, the two fixtures from you just arrived. They are all that I had hoped that they would be - really handsome. And the packing job - a tour de force. I'm having the chain on the three drop shortened and having them hung on Friday. I'll send you pics. of them in place.
Bob  Berkeley, CA

1/22/12 via iphone:
 Hello Patrick,
Here is the photo of the 3rd light. It's up & running. Looks great!  Thank you so much for the fast shipping & excellent customer service.
Toni H  Anchorage AK

1/18/12 via email: 
Hello Patrick,
I'm happy to say my sconces arrived yesterday.  They look beautiful!!! Exactly what I was expecting.
The $150 duty was painful, but expected.
Thank you very much for providing such helpful and attentive service.
Kindest regards,

1/22/12 via email:
Thanks, Patrick.  They arrived yesterday and look great.  Thanks!
Cheers - Jeff
Managing Director
Redwood City, CA 

1/12/12 via email:
Thanks Patrick. You're service is impeccable.
Brent C

12/16 via email: 
Good morning, We installed the gorgeous lights yesterday and I thought you might enjoy seeing the photos.  Everything arrived in perfect condition!  I sent two photos to your website but I'm not really sure they made it.  So here are a couple of shots of our breezeway -- totally transformed with the addition of these lights!!
We would be proud for them to be displayed on the site somehow.  It's funny, because my husband and I built our house 5 years ago and had some decent pendants from Restoration Hardware, but we have looked and looked for four matching antique fixtures.  We finally found them with vintagelights.com.   Our goal has been to create a home that can't be "dated", so that visitors can't guess that it's a new build.  Your lights have greatly enhanced the area.  Thank you for making a real difference! We have other photos if you would like them.
-See two images in our "Members Scrapbook" section of the website. staff

12/8/2011 via email:
The shade arrived today in good condition. It is a match! I'm really
happy about that. It's been a good experience dealing with you. I
notice that the design and colour are the same, but my shade has
sharper edges in the design. Have you seen this before? Anyway, it's
not noticeable unless you look closely at them together.
Thanks again, Susan A.
-The mold making the glass wears down after repeated use causing a loss of crispness in the design. - Staff 

12/2/11 via email:
Loved the vintage bathroom lights. Do you have outdoor lights like the one below?  (yes we do. -staff )
Stephanie K.

11/15/2011 via email:
Just to let you know that we’ve received the globe and are so delighted! (no pun intended)  You mentioned that you purchased a few more, and I wondered if you could give me any information re: the origin of the fixtures, whether the area of the country, type of building in which they hung, etc.  If not, let me just say how much I appreciate your assistance in locating this replacement.  My husband is more than a bit nervous to install it, so I hope I’m not calling you for another globe.  Wish us luck, and thanks so much!
Regards, Barbara M.

11/22/2011: Thank you so much Patrick. I received the glass slip and it is beautiful.  Thank you for your help

10/16 via email:
We are very excited about the lighting - so glad we were introduced... (Fixture purchased at the Craftsman Show in Pasadena)
Jeanne R.

9/15/2011 via email:
Hi Patrick,
They arrived Saturday, 9/3, and they are just GREAT!!!  Thanks.  (Delayed by Hurricane Irene - staff)
Joan P. Tuxedo Park, NY

9/13/11 via email:
I just wanted to thank-you for providing the old catalogues online. I have been researching shades for hollow wire gas fixtures, I have manufacturers catalogs and have been able to match many shades to the McBeth Evans 1912 catalogue. Thank-you Darcy V.

8/16/2011 via Personalized Card: Patrick, Thanks so much they are perfect.
Linda M
Livermore, Ca

8/23/2011 via email:
I received the other two lights today.  Thank you.  ....I absolutely love them.  I wanted to say thank you for your outstanding customer service throughout the process. 
Laura K.

Chris B 7/21/2011 via email:
Your the best - thanks very much! Can you send me the tracking number when you ship so I can track it.  Thanks, RW

7/7/2011 via email
Received your 3 lamp shades this morning, and installed them in my fixture.  ...we are very pleased with the result.  I took 2 pictures of the fixture with the installed new shades, it now looks the same as it was originally, see attached jpg files. 
Patrick, we must thankyou very much for locating these replacemnt shades and shipping them to me.
You do good work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
N & E  Howell

4/2/2011 via email:
Thanks so much for all of your attention to what turned out to be a 'no sale'.

6/22/2011 via email:
the back plates look just wonderful...
thanks so much for taking the time and care to make sure they look the way
we wanted...can't wait to make them part of our home...

4/4/2011 via email:
I wanted to thank you for your kind and execllent customer service.  We got the replacement shade and it is now up with the light.  It looks wonderful.  We are using low voltage bulbs just in case!
Regards, Linda D.
Sent from my Verizon wireless blackberry

hi patrick,
they (3 matching slip shade sconces) are up, they are on and they are fantastic...
thanks so very much,
m & a
walnut valley, ca

5/18/2011 via email:
I just rec'd the matching shades this morning!  They look GREAT! Thank you very much for your help with these!
Buss T.

5/18/2011 via email:
Here are photos of the lights in place. They really are beautiful. All worked out fine

5/26/2001 via email:
It looks wonderful,  worth the wait!,
Ray and Robin

4/14/11 via email
I recieved the slip shade today and it matched perfectly I wanted to thank you for this site and for the shade you sold me I have been trying to find this shade for a long time. Again thank you and it was very well packed in the shipping Jeff

3/11/1011 via email
I completely forgot to inform you that I finally receive the slip shade and
that it is in perfect condition. It is exactly was I was searching and it
corresponds exactly to what I saw on your Web site.
best regards,
Louis-A D

Hey guys, here is my fabulous fixture!!!
My iPhone

Patrick- the shade arrived the other day and it's perfect.  Great packaging too.
Please let me know if you stumble across a shade like the one attached below.
Eric S

Just a note to inform you that I received the Finial for my chandelier and it is perfect!!!!. Thanks again for helping locate this rare piece... at last my chandeliers have all their original parts.  It's been a pleasure doing business with you. 

We would like to thank you for completing our light fixture.  It looked a bit funny with only 4 slip shades.  This fixture has been in the family for a very long time.  We were impressed with how well you packaged the shade.  We received it in good order and were very pleased.
Sincerely, Kim and Kris G

Oh I really like them darker!!!! In definitely prefer the darkest ones on the right....it does not seem so "faux" finished (which I REALLY don't want).
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.....I am SO EXCITED!!!!

The shade came today and everything looks great.  I tried to attach a picture of the fixture that is finally complete........If you can't open but want to see it let me know and I will resend a different way.  Thanks again for all of your help.  I did not think it would be so effortless to find such a difficult to locate bottom shade.  You guys are the first place I will look in the future for slip shade stuff.
All the best,
Brian K