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Pair Milky Blue Crackle Glass Fixtures

Item Code: CEI20190719001
Price: $0.00
Year : 1920-1930
Priced for the pair.
A wonderfully unique treatment to these shades from the Art Deco period. The crackle finish adds a huge amount of visual interest along with the coloration and a milky hue to the entire globe. The crackle finish is achieved by dunking the still hot, formed shade briefly into water where the outside of the glass cools and shrinks but the inside remains hot and plastic enough not to crack all the way through.
Another example of the pride and expert craftsmanship in manufacturing lost after the great depression when the bottom line became more important than producing great, lasting, and beautiful products.
Drop as shown: 21 inches which can be adjusted to your need.
Width: 11 1/2 inches
Shade only 9 3/4 inches tall
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