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3 Vintage Cloudy Blue priced each

Item Code: CEI20201005004
Year : 1920-1930
Three cloudy blue tiered globes c.1930 on new nickel plated (solid brass core) fitters. Great size for today's kitchen or bathroom. Very unique treatment to the glass in both the color and the texture. Especially the contrast between the vertical treatments of the sides and the horizontal rings on the steps and bottom of the globe. Maker unknown but obviously a very skilled and experienced glass manufacturer.
Slight difference in the amount and placement of the "cloudy" treatment as seen in the image with them both together with the coke can between them.
Drop as shown: 27 inches.
Width (globe): 12 1/2 inches.
Height of globe only: 10 3/4 inches.
Width of ceiling canopy: 5 inches.
Priced each.
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