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3 Large Vintage Holophane Fixtures w/ Bottom Glass

Item Code: CEI20211019001
Price: $795.00
Year : 1930-1940
3 available, priced each.
Holophane glass has a unique look all their own. Their crystalline sparkle and shine is like no other vintage glass we have seen. The design on these 3 are dubbed "Sailor's Hat". They consist of three pieces of glass, the two larger pieces are held together with 3 rods and the third bottom piece is beveled to slid up into the larger bottom piece. Slightly different design on these bottom plates than the ones on the set of 4.
They are shown on new nickel plated fixtures and the glass is from the 1930's.
The glass is ribbed in a way to maximize the dispersion of light from the bulb.
These are out of an old Catholic school in Wisconsin which was demolished in the 80s.
The se are substantial and heavy fixtures with a width of 15 1/4"
The drop as shown is 18 inches, which can be adjusted. There are a couple options for the metal fitters including brass and original fitters which were painted.
The glass itself is 8 inches high.
Longer drops are available but may incur an additional charge.
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